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Projects and Activities - Local Units

Community based activities of Ohio units
CWUO supports the activities of the local units.
Some units have started programs that have lasted for dec-ades, based on national CWU's purposes and goals. 
This appears to have increased their activity and longevity as membership has fallen off due to an aging and a less participatory membership.
With a view to supporting and en-couraging other CWU units, we are showing the activities of some of Ohio's units.
Please share what your unit does in service of our movement.



We're highlighting  the Dayton unit and the many activities that benefit the greater Dayton area.

Our local unit is quite active with approximately 300 individual members and 25 church memberships.  In addition to the celebrations and projects that we do in alignment with the national organization, we have some mission features that are unique to our Dayton unit.

In addition to our three celebrations, we have a Christmas celebration (to honor church staff members) and the Emma Murray Prayer Breakfast. For our board meetings, we invite all CWU members to join us; we also invite representatives of area agencies to present what they do for our community. An honorarium is provided to each agency, and we ask our members to donate items on each agency’s wish-list. 


Our largest mission project is Mercy Manor which is a spiritual residence for homeless women with histories of addiction, incarceration, and abuse while they re-establish themselves into the local community. We provide items on their wishlist as well as financial support. Monetary support is also provided to other agencies; most recently, we donated to Greater Dayton Christian Connection, Good Neighbor House, Homefull, DayBreak, The Foodbank, Inc. and Xenia Food Bank.

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