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The new location of the

 headquarters for

CWU, Inc. is pictured to the right.

St. Mark A.M.E. Church

3605 Campbellton Rd., SW

Atlanta, GA  30331



Phone: (404) 349-6800


The National CWU movement website has up-to-date information that can be found at The national CWU president is Mira J. Washington. For more information on the national CWU, click on the box below.                                                                                                                                                              

A national Quadrennial Assembly is held every 4 years; the next one is scheduled for June 18 -23, 2024 in Oakbrook, Illinois.

The Quadrennial Priorities provide a template for CWU members to use to work together to address the needs of the world. Those priorities can be found by clicking the box below.  


National CWU is divided into 8 regions.



CWU's 8 Regions:

- Northwest

- Mid-Atlantic

- Southwest

- East Central (Ohio is in this region)

- Central

- South Central

- Southwest

- Northwest

The East Central Region  is comprised of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.


Our regional Coordinator is Barb McCoy. Contact her by email at:

Regional meetings are held every 4 years.

The last Regional meeting was held October 18 - 21, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana: The next meeting is scheduled for 2026.



CWU in OHIO - East Central Region

Each state/territory in the USA has a state unit of Church Women United. Information on the state unit's history is being gathered. If you have elements of that history  - documents, records or photos please forward them by mail or electronically to the state unit. 






2021 - 2022 OFFICERS

Office - Name - Area

  • President : Bennie J. Williams-Roper - Area B

  • Vice President: ____________ - Area C

  • Secretary: Pam Walker-Hamby - Area C

  • Treasurer: Sally Buxton - Area D

  • Ecumenical Action: Mildred Thomas - Area D

  • Ecumenical Celebration: Bobbie Chaney - Area A

  • Communications: Jody Stevens - Area D

Ecumenical Development

Coordinator: Connie Morrison - Area B

  • Chairperson Area A - Carolyn Robinson

  • Chairperson Area B - LK Williams

  • Chairperson Area C - Cecelia Long

  • Chairperson Area D - Janet Coleman


Nominating Committee

Chairperson: Barbara A. Heard - Area B

  • Committee Member: Vacant - Area A

  • Committee Member: Rev. Gwendolyn Robinson - Area B

  • Committee Member: Vacant - Area C

  • Committee Member: Peggy Burke - Area D

Appointed Position(s)

Ecumenical Enrichment: Rev. Irene Radcliffe - Area D

CWUO - Local Units

Ohio units are divided into 4 areas, labeled A, B, C and D. Area E was merged into Area B. Please see the next page for a map of the 4 areas.

St Mark AME, headquarters of national CWU

st mark ame.PNG
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